The Business Partnership

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Business Partnership

What does real partnership look like? It’s safe to say that we’ve been working with SMEs for as long as we can remember. We take pride in working with you — getting to know your business — and helping you improve your tax planning, facilitating growth and streamlining manual processes for, well, a long time. We get small business. We get you. We get the passion, the frustration, the love and the single-minded purpose it takes to do what you do.

We get it because we’ve been growing alongside businesses just like yours for more than 25 years. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow and flourish through strategic planning, identifying opportunities for growth, streamlining processes and working one-on-one with founders and directors to both up-skill and analyse business functions.

Whilst our team offers the full range of accounting services from tax planning to strategic advice, we also have the unique services of a virtual CFO and a highly personalised service.

In a nutshell, we work hand in hand with you to solve problems, build value and improve your cashflow and profitability.

“As a client it's very comforting to see such excellent collaboration. The Business Partnership have a really collaborative approach and rapid turnaround of information that it has eased my stress enormously.”

International Client


Got some lofty goals? Our aim is to help you reach them. We make sure that you understand your financial position because we want you to feel comfortable with everything we prepare and you end up signing. We’ll also take care of any year-end adjustments and ensure they’re processed correctly and then we’ll discuss your plans for the coming year — AKA — budgeting!

Document Preparation

We prepare and complete your financial accounts, reports and returns, including FBT reimbursements, fixed asset ledgers, and shareholder loan accounts. Phew! It means you don’t have to! We also make sure your accounts and returns comply with relevant statutory requirements. It’s not a glamorous job, but we’re a bit nuts for processes and good-looking forms.

ATO Management and Liaison

We have a solid working relationship with the ATO. We’ll assume the role of intermediary between you, the ATO and ASIC to ensure you are aware of, and meet all necessary obligations. We do all the grunt work by filing all of your statutory returns for you, including your tax and annual statements ensuring all the red tape is in order.

Tax Minimisation

It is possible to be a responsible tax citizen, but there’s no need to be a generous one! We’ll review your tax position in the second half of the year with you so there’s enough time to plan and implement a tax minimisation strategy.